Run as One Music Festival – August 2017


On August 10th and 11th, 2017 Big Nate Productions had the honour and pleasure of providing production for the Run as One Music Festival, a free youth event put on by Siksika Health Services for the people of the Siksika Nation but open to anyone. I want to thank Siksika Councillor Carlin Black Rabbit for the recommendation, opportunity and trust with an event of this scale and importance. This event is put on in conjunction with their yearly PowWow at the Gordon Yellowfly Memorial Arbor.


It was a true honour to meet and work with new Siksika friends, while at the same time affording the opportunity to hang with old ones, in such an amazing setting and atmosphere. I was able to have my wife and daughter attend the festivities and it looks like we will be making it a yearly family event. Truly amazing to witness such a beautiful and vibrant people’s celebration of their amazing culture and traditions. Being the stage manager I didn’t get to see the PowWow at all this year, (I did last year, it was moving to say the least), but one performer performed in full traditional fancy-dancing regalia, and he was great. All the performances were. My family did get to see it all of the festivities however, and Dahlia cried that she couldn’t go back today. I kinda feel the same way.


Ethan and Von were a real surprise to meet and I am extremely glad I did. These guys were super-helpful, and not only did they bail me out constantly, they actively busted their humps to make the best possible show. Garrett was all out great tech, and Richard was my go to guy throughout this whole process. Thank you for your hospitality.


We had a real A-team happenin’ as far as crew went. Dave keeps paying attention, and is really gettin’ this stage thing nailed, very attentive; yer the best buddy. Michael and Jake were great and I didn’t think we’d be doin’ the round dance at the end. That’s a memory I’ll never forget. WOW am I a terrible dancer, but I can’t say I didn’t warn anyone haha.


Rad to be able to see Our Old Ways, Frightenstein, No More Moments, Iron Tusk – Band and The North Sound perform from the side of the stage rather than hearing them from behind a board! All the acts I had never seen before were killer too and great people. I will never forget your name again Buddy, I swear!


Sorry I whined about the rain during your Iron Tusk – Band set Carlin! I was paranoid about lightning!


Everyone needs to ask themselves what, who, when and where are/is a Tomahawk Bomb. They are the most exciting new band I’ve seen in years. Lets do a show!


I really felt energized and anew after this event. I don’t know if it was the challenge and complexity of this event, all the sun and amazing landscape, being around the best people I’ve ever met, or all of the above (it is), but this show was a milestone for me personally. I would gladly do this gig til I drop if they’d have me back.


To the Chief and Council, the people of Siksika Nation, Siksika Health Services, all the organizers, volunteers, attendees and anyone else who help put this event on:



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