Divinity and Expain Dual Album Release Tour – September 2017



Now that I don’t feel like I got hit by a truck, I wanna send out my utmost gratitude to the boys in Divinity and Expain. They had the confidence to take me out on the road for the first time! Needless to say, everyone killed it and I feel lucky to have gotten to know all these gentlemen better. It was really refreshing and inspiring to work with people who see no problems, only solutions; and were constantly looking for feedback to improve the experience for them and the fans. 4/6 of the shows were in smaller markets, which was really cool! The promoters were all killer, the venues were great and the fans really go off. My pappy was a trucker so I really feel at home on the road. Not only did I mix front of house for both bands, but I was entrusted with tour managing, which is fun for me. I mean, who doesn’t wanna google “Innisfail rv dump”??!! My job was to make everybody’s life easier so that they could focus on playing and I really feel like I nailed that from their performances. Pretty amazing to go out on the road with 13 guys, for 6 days and not have a problem with one of them. It was literally a laugh a second and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I must give them credit that they made my job SUUUPPERRR easy by being such high caliber acts that know what they want and destroy stages when they get it. FFS Sean Jenkins planned a darn light show for their set?!?!?! How cool is that??! I’ve know Brett and James since early 02 and I didn’t even know there’s was a 3rd Duncan, Kirk, so that was a surprise. Thanks for all your help and for not taking my resting, in-the-heat-of-the-moment setup face personally! I’ve mixed Ye Goat-Herd Gods a few times locally and met Gord a few times, but there’s nothing like getting to know someone better on the road, absolute pleasure man! The Divinity boys truly are consummate professionals of the highest order and take what they do very seriously, but still manage to stay grounded and not get in their own way and enjoy themselves. Expain is fun as hell and stupid high energy. It was really nice to meet Alexander Giles and watch him shred tf outta that fender every night. All in all, this was work. I was sweating, we were loading, there were a million variables, but when you’re doing something you love and have worked towards most of your life, it just seems effortless. After mixing probably 1000’s of acts now from only a few places its a whole new perspective to be doing it in a different place every night. Thanks Everybody! The Divinity / Expain Dual Release Tour! was great success!!

GWAR “The Blood of Gods Tour”

The Scumdogs of the Universe return to Calgary with Ghoul, He is Legend, and U.S. Bastards!

Saturday, November 11th, 2017
The Palace Theatre
Doors: 7:30pm / Show: 8:15pm
General Admission / 18+

Advance Tickets: $30.00 + s/c: https://www.myshowpass.com/gwar-the-blood-of-gods-tour/


Run as One Music Festival – August 2017


On August 10th and 11th, 2017 Big Nate Productions had the honour and pleasure of providing production for the Run as One Music Festival, a free youth event put on by Siksika Health Services for the people of the Siksika Nation but open to anyone. I want to thank Siksika Councillor Carlin Black Rabbit for the recommendation, opportunity and trust with an event of this scale and importance. This event is put on in conjunction with their yearly PowWow at the Gordon Yellowfly Memorial Arbor.


It was a true honour to meet and work with new Siksika friends, while at the same time affording the opportunity to hang with old ones, in such an amazing setting and atmosphere. I was able to have my wife and daughter attend the festivities and it looks like we will be making it a yearly family event. Truly amazing to witness such a beautiful and vibrant people’s celebration of their amazing culture and traditions. Being the stage manager I didn’t get to see the PowWow at all this year, (I did last year, it was moving to say the least), but one performer performed in full traditional fancy-dancing regalia, and he was great. All the performances were. My family did get to see it all of the festivities however, and Dahlia cried that she couldn’t go back today. I kinda feel the same way.


Ethan and Von were a real surprise to meet and I am extremely glad I did. These guys were super-helpful, and not only did they bail me out constantly, they actively busted their humps to make the best possible show. Garrett was all out great tech, and Richard was my go to guy throughout this whole process. Thank you for your hospitality.


We had a real A-team happenin’ as far as crew went. Dave keeps paying attention, and is really gettin’ this stage thing nailed, very attentive; yer the best buddy. Michael and Jake were great and I didn’t think we’d be doin’ the round dance at the end. That’s a memory I’ll never forget. WOW am I a terrible dancer, but I can’t say I didn’t warn anyone haha.


Rad to be able to see Our Old Ways, Frightenstein, No More Moments, Iron Tusk – Band and The North Sound perform from the side of the stage rather than hearing them from behind a board! All the acts I had never seen before were killer too and great people. I will never forget your name again Buddy, I swear!


Sorry I whined about the rain during your Iron Tusk – Band set Carlin! I was paranoid about lightning!


Everyone needs to ask themselves what, who, when and where are/is a Tomahawk Bomb. They are the most exciting new band I’ve seen in years. Lets do a show!


I really felt energized and anew after this event. I don’t know if it was the challenge and complexity of this event, all the sun and amazing landscape, being around the best people I’ve ever met, or all of the above (it is), but this show was a milestone for me personally. I would gladly do this gig til I drop if they’d have me back.


To the Chief and Council, the people of Siksika Nation, Siksika Health Services, all the organizers, volunteers, attendees and anyone else who help put this event on:



June 16 – Eating Annihilator’s Rider Tour 2017 with Mason, Mutank, W.M.D, and Dethgod at Dickens Pub




Annihilator’s bus broke down this morning on the side of the mountain.

The show must go on and I’m getting hungry!

Big Nate Productions and ConcertWorks Present…

Mason Official (Australia)

MUTANK (Montreal)

With local support from:



Lets give these touring acts a great show!

Doors 8 PM – Bands at 930 – 18+ No Minors – $10 at the door – ID required


Friday June 16th – ANNIHILATOR ‘Ripping Through Canada Summer 2017 Tour’ with MASON (Australia) and MUTANK (Montreal) at Dickens Pub in Calgary



ANNIHILATOR ‘Ripping Through Canada Summer 2017 Tour’

with MASON (Australia) and MUTANK (Montreal)

Tickets on sale NOW!

Direct ticket link: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1453127

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/378729959178863/


Canada’s ANNIHILATOR is the lifework of guitarist Jeff Waters. Founded in 1984, the band took the metal scene by storm with their debut 1989 release “Alice In Hell”, upped the ante with 1990’s “Never, Neverland” and has continued a non-stop career-pattern of releasing records and touring with many of the biggest bands in the metal genre (mostly all outside North America), ever since; cementing ANNIHILATOR as the biggest-selling metal act in Canada’s history.

After 18 months of touring for the band’s latest album “Suicide Society” (nominated for a 2017 Juno Award in the Metal / Hard Rock Album of The Year category), the band is currently finishing up their 16th studio release and is getting ready to headline not only the mighty WACKEN OPEN AIR Festival in Germany (Aug 3), but hit the road for their first Canadian tour since 1993.

The tour will see the band kick off their first date in Victoria, BC on June 13th and travel east wrapping up the tour in Cornwall, ON July 1st during Canada day weekend festivities. This is very big news for Canadian metal fans, both young and “older” whom have been waiting for an ANNIHILATOR tour to return to Canadian soil for over 20 years!

Support on this tour comes from Australia’s MASON whom was ANNIHILATOR’s support in Europe last year & from Montreal, QC thrashers MUTANK who won the acclaimed Wacken Metal Battle Canada contest in 2014 and have also performed at Wacken Open Air.

The band’s founder, Jeff Waters (and guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, engineer, mix engineer, mastering engineer, manager, etc.) was asked how it feels to be “back” touring his home country: “I have always enjoyed flying the flag for one of the nicest countries and people in the world, despite having very little support from the industry here to play and releasing CDs in Canada. It sure is an honor to be nominated for a Juno, after all these years, and to have the opportunity to tour this great and metal land! It will be some of our best-ever shows this summer. We look forward to meeting the metal fans and to show them what the rest of the world has seen us do every year for decades. It’s about time, eh?!”

Rich Hinks (Bass), Jeff Waters (Vocals/Guitar), Aaron Homma (Guitar), Fabio Alessandrini (Drums)

Album Stream – https://soundcloud.com/annihilator/sets/suicide-society-1
Suicide Society – Video EPK – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mcVCdP667Q
Music Video – Suicide Society – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDDdAugQZxs
Music Video – Snap – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHR_pi9x8fg

For More Info:
Press Photo – http://wp.me/aciNW-9Jm


MASON (Australia)

MUTANK (Montreal)

Dickens Pub ~ 1000 9th Ave SW, Calgary

$30 ~ Doors 8pm ~ 18+


Annihilator Calgary

Production on the new Statue of Demur album is moving along nicely… sometimes at 400 bpm!


Statue of Demur – “Finally had a chance to get the band together for a group sit down and review drum edits and prep for bass tracking this weekend and guitar next weekend. There’s only one way to say this… Alien Pacific is going to fucking crush!!! And we are very excited to get this one in all of your hands. Nate at Big Nate Productions has been exceptional producing and engineering this album and this is without a doubt our best work yet! Stay tuned for teasers and also grab tickets from us for our next show with Aggression on April 20! It will be our only show before our CD release which we will be announcing in a couple weeks, the line up is fucking amazing! Cheers everyone!”

BNP Presents: A Night of Progressive, Instrumental, and Experimental Music.



Progressive Ambient Metal
“Listening to Illuminated Minerva is like riding a Metal spaceship through Outer Space…” – The Pit Lord John


Conceived in the near hypothermic prairies of Saskatchewan, The Basement Paintings overall sound can be categorized into ambient and post-metal genres. Drums and bass pound the low end of the frequency range, while the slithering reverberations of the string section widen the spectrum to exhaustive levels of grandiosity. The band’s latest release, “Mystic”, is an attempt to abandon their prog and metal roots, and enter the vast, desolate wilderness of drone induced comatose.


REDRESS (Calgary)
Ambient Industrial Humanism


Psychedelic Folk Rock


Friday February 3rd 2017

Distortion – Live Music Venue

3828 MacLeod Trail S ~ 18+

Doors 8pm ~ $10 ~ Support Touring Bands

Facebook Event

Calgary Metalfest V raised $7195 for Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta!

Thank you to everyone that donated items to and bid in the CMF Live Charity Auction!




Wow! What a weekend. My voice is gone, so I’ll type. Where to start?! All the bands, on every night and every level, killed it. They brought their absolute A game and were totally easy to work with. There were no divas, this helps alot. Jeff Waters and the rest of Annihilator, what can I say? You and crew were standup pros the whole time and your set at CMF was one for the ages! John, Dan and Allan of Exciter blew me away and were consummate pros. Thanks to Sean, Rob, Gus, Scott and Joe from Sacrifice. I’m glad we were FINALLY able to work together again and it was nice meeting your ladies too. To Dave, Bob, Mike and Rider of Razor: you guys sure know what thrash metal is, Calgary loves you. Thanks to Gatekrashor for doin the last call thing! You were great! Toxic Holocaust was the easiest band I have ever had the pleasure of working with and the greatest guys too. The Exalted Piledriver, Gord Kirchin, Mark, Steve and Ken killed on Thursday to the tune of one mic cord, my right hand and everyones melted faces. Can you be the house band now? Our crew is some of the best the world has seen. Ryan Boyko killed it drum teching, Dave Corpsey Mosimann bass teching, Doug Mckinnon guitar teching. I would like to thank Amanda Marie, Renee Jef Baratelli-Thorell, my wife, Eva Kovats Hachey, Monika Deviat, Casey Rogers did a whack of backroom magic that no one saw. You guys kept me sane, fed and alive, for this I am eternally in your gratitude. Jacquie was the ticketing master I thought she’d be on both Friday and Saturday. Jim Turner, Jim and Danny Gavin and Fred Boehli were the dream team (ala ’92 US mens Olympics baskeball team) of techs on Saturday, and Jake was the best choice I could’ve made for stagehand. It was a pleasure and honor to share this experience with the Rev Ross Ingall and with his help we were able to raise a ton of money for Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta (compiling today). Thanks to all that participated in the CMF Live Charity Auction, you will make a bunch of kids lives better who got the short end of the stick in the life lottery. Cheers to Darryn Slim B Ritchey for documenting the whole thing. Thanks to Josh, Randy and Tyson for nailing down all the ground transport, that musta sucked. Myles, Eddie, Jay and the rest of the staff at Flames Central were impeccable, looking forward to the future, I will have towels next time! Jon Asher and Cara Ashbey of Asher Media Relations for the awesome PR. Thanks to BeatRoute (AB), Absolute Underground TV, Metal Nation Radio, METALHEADS UNITED, Terrorizer Magazine, PureGrainAudio.com, Bravewords.com, Exclaim! for the excellent media partnership. Thank you Terese and Scarab Productions for what you did for this fest. HUGE!! The crazy b’s Asteroid M – Heroes & Villains, thank you for your support. Thanks to Mark and Boiling Oar Brewing Company for keepin me at the perfect dull roar I was lookin for. I hope you guys got some of that in ya, tasty as all hell. Creative Factor and SignCraft and Big Nate Productions donated all those huge posters, Thank you! The mighty MFL and staff at KLM Music provide the best backline in the city and also apparently are firefighters, or were this weekend anyways. I’d also like to thank Brian, Kyle and AXE Music Calgary for donating the drums for Thurs and Fri and the guitar setup for the Tony Iommi sig model guitar. You helped us raise a bunch of money for the kids! Man, huge props to Ginette and everyone at Spolumbo’s Fine Foods & Deli LTD for working with us for the catering. It was huge. It was delicious. If you haven’t been there, even if in the last little while, go. Thank them. You literally kept me going. The venues in this city are the best. Darren Ollinger and the Ship & Anchor Pub, Mark, Sean, Katie and Distortion – Live Music Venue, Chris, Ambor and Miles at Dickens Pub: You people are ninjas of the highest order, this town doesn’t know how bad they need you. I want to really thank all the support acts: Wednesday night got it happening perfect with the rock stylings of Outlets Band, Blackbird Electric and In/Vertigo capped off by the mighty W.M.D!!! Accostal, Sick Ritual, Savage Streets(RIP??!! WHAT??!!) and Crystal Mess ruled HARD on Thursday. I hope some new people saw how AWESOME you guys are. Concrete Funeral, Black Pestilence, FORNICATION, The Order of Chaos and Disciples of Power LIT UP Dickens on Friday to SOLD OUT proportions! Thank you, you made that happen. We had some bad boys on the streets pushing tickets, thanks to Harley, Dustin, Cale and Devin and crew for that. Big ups to Toryin for lendin me those guitar, woulda ground to a halt without those. Dan Neild, you’re not so bad either.


The biggest thanks of all for me goes out to Nancy! She has worked so integrally with me on Calgary Metalfest since day 1 and has opened up a new exciting door to the future. There are no thanks in words here, her tireless efforts allowed me to bring this to Calgary. Forever indebted.


And finally, THANK YOU, THE FANS! Without your support this does not happen. You are all passionate as hell! I set out a crazy challenge and you all accepted! You put this podunk town on the map again and I’m sure all these international touring acts are telling the rest of the world to get their poop in a group and go to Calgary! This will only grow with time and your support! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!



Calgary Metalfest V September 15-17, 2016

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